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We are continuously updating this space with additional webinars, videos, Q&A’s and much more—be sure to check back regularly.


We will host regular webinars to share learning on different elements of the campaign. Upcoming dates for BFZ-C specific webinars as well as other CAEH webinars of interest are listed below:

Date and Time Topic Registration
TBD Built for Zero Quarterly Update Coming Soon!
Monthly 2019 & 2020 By-Name List and Coordinated Access
Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Webinars
Link to webinar page
2019 and 2020 Canadian Shelter Transformation Network
Link to Webinar page

Webinar Archive

Video Library

The video library provides quick access to all the videos that have been included in the Built for Zero Canada Updater Newsletter.  Use these videos to educate your community about homelessness and inspire your community to end it.

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Functional Zero Homelessness

Built for Zero Canada has created a definition for what it means for a community to be identified as achieving functional zero on chronic homelessness.

Functional Zero Q&A

Reducing Chronic and Veteran Homelessness

Built for Zero Canada has identified and defined the key measures that will be used to report on community reductions in chronic and veteran homelessness. 


CAEH Training and Technical Assistance

Helping communities and organizations end homelessness with expert training and technical assistance. The Training and Technical Assistance Program is a mission-based, non-profit training and technical assistance program of the CAEH that provides on the ground training and support to communities and front line workers.

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