Becoming a BFZ-C Community

While Built for Zero Canada would like to serve all interested communities in Canada, our capacity is limited by available funding.

We are not currently accepting applications from new communities. We will make an announcement at the time we are accepting new applications.

If you wish to learn more or express interest in joining at a future time, please reach out to

Here is some background for reference:

  • All communities who had been part of the CAEH 20KHomes Campaign over 2015-2018 were invited to join BFZ-C in 2018.
  • An open call for applications was issued in 2019 and nine communities were selected to join BFZ-C at that time.
  • Three waitlisted communities were invited to join in 2020.
  • In 2021 and 2022 the Ontario provincial government paid to have additional interested Ontario communities join BFZ-C, at which time five additional Ontario communities joined. 
  • Existing BFZ-C communities were invited to reapply in 2022 for the 3rd term of BFZ-C running from April 2022 – March 2024.
  • The current list of participating BFZ-C communities can be found here.

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