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Bonne nouvelle – Ottawa réduit l’itinérance chronique de 19 % grâce à la collaboration et aux grands efforts des partenaires communautaires !
September 6, 2022 / News

Strong focused efforts by community partners and a Housing First approach led the City of Ottawa to a 19% reduction in chronic homelessness. This blog is a part of our … More

Bright Spot: St. Thomas-Elgin reduces chronic homelessness by 25%
August 11, 2022 / News

Community-wide efforts led to a 25% reduction in chronic homelessness in St. Thomas-Elgin. This blog is a part of our Bright Spot series highlighting outstanding work in ending homelessness happening … More

Bright Spot: Brantford-Brant rapidly implements a By-Name List and Coordinated Access System despite COVID-19’s challenges
April 11, 2022 / News

A commitment to building a system informed by quality data and individual needs led the City of Brantford to rapidly and effectively implement a By-Name List and Coordinated Access System … More

Bright Spot: Whitehorse achieves a Quality By-Name List
March 16, 2022 / News

The development of a Quality By-Name List has paved the way for the city of Whitehorse to forge ahead with their goal of reaching Functional Zero Chronic Homelessness. This blog … More

Bright Spot: Moncton reduces chronic homelessness by 10% amid an ongoing pandemic
March 9, 2022 / News

A strong focus on quality data and commitment to Coordinated Access led this Built for Zero Canada community in New Brunswick to a 10% reduction. This blog is a part of … More

New year, new you?
January 11, 2022 / News

By Ashley Van Der Mark, Improvement Advisor It’s 2022: a new year, a fresh start filled with hope and possibility. It’s that feeling of writing on the first page of … More

Bright Spot: Moncton has ‘taken it to another level’ to keep people housed and cut evictions
December 16, 2021 / News

Moncton, NB is having great success with its measures to support housing retention for people leaving their chronic homelessness by-name list. We dig into the how and why with the … More

Bright Spot: Communities focus on housing during COVID-19
November 18, 2021 / News

NOVEMBER 18, 2021 – 1:00 PM / BLOG Communities working with Built for Zero Canada achieved remarkable housing move-in numbers despite the barriers and complications presented by the pandemic. This … More

Bright Spot: Dufferin reduces chronic homelessness by 50%
October 27, 2021 / News

OCTOBER 27, 2021 – 4:00 PM / BLOG, NEWS A combination of support services and housing allowances led to a 50% reduction for this Built for Zero Canada community in Central … More

Bright Spot: Why it’s a big deal 25 communities in Canada have By-Name Lists to end homelessness
July 29, 2021 / News

JULY 29, 2021 – 8:30 AM / BLOG By-Name Lists are considered an integral part of ending homelessness, and that’s because building a system informed by data and individual need gets … More

Bright Spot: CanadaÔÇÖs first functional zero chronic homelessness proof point
June 24, 2021 / News

Medicine Hat made history this month as the first city in Canada to end chronic homelessness. Learn more about how the Built for Zero Canada community did it. This blog … More

Bright Spot: Guelph-Wellington reduces chronic youth homelessness 43% during the pandemic
March 25, 2021 / News

Over the last year, this Built for Zero Canada community has reduced chronic youth homelessness by nearly half since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This blog is a part of our … More

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