Campaign Progress

Built for Zero Canada (BFZ-C) uses a structured, supportive and data-driven approach that focuses on optimizing local homeless systems, accelerating the adoption of proven practices and driving continuous improvement.

BFZ-C has set community milestones beginning with achieving a quality By-Name List to ensure reliable, real-time and consistent data from which to measure progress.  Once communities have a quality By-Name List, they have the data to begin measuring reductions and improvements. From there, communities work to reach and sustain functional zero on chronic and veteran homelessness.

Built for Zero Canada communities results are also a measure of success. We roll-up data collected from BFZ-C communities to provide regular reports that track progress towards our goals and celebrate key milestones.

Campaign Progress – Ending Chronic Homelessness
Communities who have:

Chronic Stats


Quality chronic real-time data


Reduced chronic homelessness


Reached functional zero chronic


Sustained functional zero chronic

Campaign Progress – Ending Veteran Homelessness
Communities who have:

Veteran Stats


Quality veteran real-time data


Reduced veteran homelessness


Reached functional zero veteran


Sustained functional zero veteran

See Community Progress for further information at the community level.

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