By-Name List Scorecard 2.0 Launches

December 18, 2018 / Event

The new By-Name List Scorecard 2.0 launched December 4, 2018.  All 20,000 Homes Campaign communities are asked to take the new scorecard by January 31, 2018 and then continue to take it quarterly.  Find all By-Name List information and tools on the 20,000 Homes website By-Name List page.  

Below are the steps communities can take to complete the By-Name List Scorecard 2.0:

STEP #1 – Prepare to take the BNL Scorecard 2.0:

STEP #2 – Complete the By-Name List Scorecard worksheets:

STEP #3 – Submit the on-line By-Name List Scorecard 2.0

  • Complete the on-line BNL Scorecard 2.0 Form
  • This form submits your data into the Campaign data infrastructure which will eventually be displayed in your Tableau Tracker
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