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Windsor’s approach towards homelessness praised during housing forum
November 19, 2018 / News

WindsorÔÇÖs approach to solving homelessness was praised at the Windsor Essex National Housing Day forum Nov. 19, during a panel aimed to dispel myths about homelessness.

Red Deer creates real-time homeless list
November 7, 2018 / News

The city is one of 38 communities that will benefit from $885,000 in federal funding to extend the 20,000 Homes Campaign, which was developed by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

Canadian Minister Jean-Yves-Duclos says government’s homelessness strategy will be “transformational”
November 5, 2018 / News

The Canadian government will allow ÔÇ£grassrootsÔÇØ anti-poverty organizations to develop plans to reduce homelessness in a more flexible manner to receive the necessary funding as part of its revamped homelessness strategy introduced in June.

Edmonton leading the national fight to end homelessness, Ottawa hopes other cities follow with new funding
November 2, 2018 / News

Edmonton has been leading the fight in eliminating homelessness across Canada and the federal government is hoping new funding will allow other cities to follow suit.

Joint PiT/Registry Materials Aligned with Updated 2018 PiT Count Survey
February 4, 2018 / News

This┬áRevised 2018 PiT Count Survey was released by HPS on January 30, 2018 highlighting where there have been some small changes and reordering of questions.┬á In response, all Joint PiT/Registry … More

Communities Are Invited to Recommit/Sign-Up for 20KHomes for 2018-2020
December 2, 2017 / News

With the refocused 20,000 Homes Campaign Aim to “end chronic homelessness in 20 communities by July 1, 2020…” both existing and new Campaign communities are asked to complete the following … More

20KHomes communities invited to Join the Built for Zero Collaborative Feb 2018-Feb 2019
November 18, 2017 / News

The Built for Zero Collaborative, extended to Canadian 20KHomes communities through our partnership with Community Solutions, is an intensive, structured collaborative┬ásupport process aimed at accelerating┬ácommunities’ efforts to reach and sustain … More

20KHomes Passes Half-Way Point to Goal of 20,000 People Housed – Updater Newsletter for Week of Oct 30, 2017
October 30, 2017 / News

The 20,000 Homes Campaign passes the halfway mark in reaching its goal to house 20,000 of the most vulnerable people experiencing homelessness in Canada – read more in this weeks … More

CAEH Announces Drive to End Chronic Homelessness in 20 Communities by 2020
October 29, 2017 / News

Refocused 20,000 Homes Campaign aims to end chronic homelessness in 20 communities and house 20,000 of CanadaÔÇÖs most vulnerable homeless people by July 1, 2020.┬á Read the full announcement.

London joins 20,000 Homes Campaign
October 21, 2015 / News

Nearly a dozen local organizations serving homeless Londoners are reaching out to vulnerable members of the community this week as the City of London begins fulfilling a commitment to the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness 20,000 Homes Campaign.

Support a bold campaign to end homelessness: Editorial
June 23, 2015 / News

An ambitious effort to provide homes for 20,000 homeless Canadians deserves wholehearted support. It will save lives and boost living standards. Few campaigns serve a more worthwhile goal. A national … More

Kamloops Part of Initiative to House 20,000 Canadians by 2020
June 17, 2015 / News

A powerful nationwide campaign has launched, aiming to permanently house thousands of CanadaÔÇÖs most vulnerable homeless people by 2020. Twenty-one communities from across Canada, including Kamloops, have joined the Canadian … More

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