Mapping Survey Locations

Another important component of planning your Registry Week is mapping the actual locations of where you would like to do your surveying.

Google Maps is a great platform to use for this purpose. This section of the Toolkit provides you with examples of what some communities have done to map survey locations during their Registry Week. Remember, your Registry Week does not have to be limited to surveying street homeless. You will have to plan for facility surveying as well.

  1. Start by opening up the Maps guidance document and listen to the 20 min Survey Coverage Methods Webinar with OrgCode. This will provide you with guidance on the mapping process.
  2. Next, please refer to Block Map Example and Targeted Hot Spots for some ideas around what the actual mapping of street survey locations can look like.
  3. Finally, document your surveying plans and assign survey teams – see the sample Survey Locations Logistics Spreadsheet and the Survey Teams Assignment Chart.

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