Bright Spot: Dufferin County achieves a Quality By-Name List
September 18, 2019 / News

Coordinated Access and major reductions in chronic homelessness are in progress for this Built for Zero Canada community who has made a ÔÇÿnon-negotiableÔÇÖ commitment to ending chronic homelessness. This blog … More

BFZ-C will be working to end veteran homelessness in Canada
August 27, 2019 / News

Investment from Veteran and Families Well-Being Fund allows the Alliance to begin work immediately to end veteran homelessness in up to five communities, piloting a community-based model proven effective in … More

Data Corner: The key to good data is definitions
August 21, 2019 / News

The key to good data is definitions ÔÇô knowing exactly what and how you are measuring something. This blog is part of our ongoing Data Corner series offering practical insights … More

Bright Spot: Edmonton achieves 15% reduction in chronic homelessness by focusing on the ÔÇÿlong gameÔÇÖ
August 13, 2019 / News

Since 2008, Edmonton has reduced its overall homeless numbers by 43% and since January 2018 has cut its chronic homeless numbers by an additional 15%. How did they get there? … More

Data Corner: Building a data-driven culture to help solve homelessness
July 30, 2019 / News

Data-Driven Decision Making is a significant model for communities to adopt because it can help unlock key strategies to end homelessness. This is the inaugural blog of our ongoing Data … More

Built for Zero Canada joins forces with nine new communities to end chronic homelessness
July 22, 2019 / News

Nine communities across the country are committing to functional zero chronic homelessness by joining Built for Zero Canada. This makes 33 communities planning to end homelessness with real-time data, Coordinated … More

Bright Spot: Chatham-Kent reduces chronic homelessness by 37% in 6 months
July 17, 2019 / News

Built for Zero Canada community Chatham-Kent hits major milestone after reducing its chronic homeless numbers by 10% in three consecutive months, housing 22 people. This blog is a part of … More

Bright Spot: Chatham-Kent is getting to the bottom of its chronic homeless numbers
June 17, 2019 / News

When a partnership between homeless serving agencies, Ontario Works Case Managers and the Chatham-Kent team led to a spike in chronic homeless numbers in November 2018, it wasnÔÇÖt necessarily cause … More

Bright Spot: Peterborough dives into its Coordinated Access System
May 21, 2019 / News

The Ontario community is getting everyone on board in its concerted effort to coordinate its services and improve how it responds to homelessness. This blog is a part of our … More

Bright Spot: Guelph-Wellington reduces chronic homelessness by 24% in seven months
May 6, 2019 / News

Guelph-Wellington is on a hot streak. The Built for Zero Canada community has measurably reduced chronic homelessness since September by 24% and has been working hard to ensure that their … More

Call for Applications for New Communities to Join Built for Zero Canada
April 23, 2019 / News

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) is now inviting applications from communities interested in joining the Built for Zero movement starting in fall 2019.┬á We anticipate adding up to … More

Bright Spot: With a ÔÇÿbias for action,ÔÇÖ Saint John moves 22 people out of shelter and into housing
April 14, 2019 / News

Built for Zero Canada community Saint John, NB, armed with no more than rent supplements, partners sitting around a table and a By-Name List, housed 22 people in a three-month … More

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