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Bright Spot: Communities integrate focus on ending homelessness as part of their COVID-19 response
July 23, 2020 / News

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, 33 Built for Zero Canada communities from seven provinces and 1 territory share their successes and commitments to remaining mission-focused on ending chronic … More

Bright Spot: Peel houses over 287 people during COVID-19 pandemic
June 11, 2020 / News

ÔÇÿProgress over perfectionÔÇÖ: Peel Regional Housing Services launched a housing pilot at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, securing 70 units from two landlords and housing 287 individuals and families … More

Bright Spot: Chatham-Kent positions its COVID-19 shelter as a path to housing
May 14, 2020 / News

Chatham-Kent has adapted to COVID-19 with an isolation shelter and new prioritization measures to move people quickly into housing. This blog is a part of our Bright Spot series highlighting … More

Finding Hope and Opportunity in Challenging Times
March 23, 2020 / News

During challenging times such as these, a mindset of abundance over scarcity is more important than ever.┬á   By Marie Morrison, Director, Built for Zero Canada   A scarcity mindset … More

Bright Spot: Dufferin County has reduced its chronic homeless population by 26%
February 26, 2020 / News

Not long ago, Dufferin County achieved a Quality By-Name List and Coordinated Access system. Now the Built for Zero Canada community has reduced its chronic homeless numbers and sustained that … More

Bright Spot: 32 communities are showing itÔÇÖs possible to end homelessness in Canada
January 30, 2020 / News

More Built for Zero Canada communities are reaching significant milestones as they work toward ending chronic and veteran homelessness. Moncton, NB is the most recent BFZ-C community to achieve a … More

VIDEO: Functional zero veteran homelessness
January 23, 2020 / News

As Built for Zero Canada launches its Veteran Community Cohort today in Toronto, weÔÇÖre sharing a video that explains the definition for functional zero veteran homelessness. London, ON also shares … More

Eight Built for Zero Canada communities begin work on ending veteran homelessness
November 18, 2019 / News

Eight Built for Zero Canada communities are committing to end veteran homelessness by March 2022. The eight communities are piloting and testing an approach to ending veteran homelessness that has … More

Bright Spot: Dufferin County achieves a Quality By-Name List
September 18, 2019 / News

Coordinated Access and major reductions in chronic homelessness are in progress for this Built for Zero Canada community who has made a ÔÇÿnon-negotiableÔÇÖ commitment to ending chronic homelessness. This blog … More

BFZ-C will be working to end veteran homelessness in Canada
August 27, 2019 / News

Investment from Veteran and Families Well-Being Fund allows the Alliance to begin work immediately to end veteran homelessness in up to five communities, piloting a community-based model proven effective in … More

Data Corner: The key to good data is definitions
August 21, 2019 / News

The key to good data is definitions ÔÇô knowing exactly what and how you are measuring something. This blog is part of our ongoing Data Corner series offering practical insights … More

Bright Spot: Edmonton achieves 15% reduction in chronic homelessness by focusing on the ÔÇÿlong gameÔÇÖ
August 13, 2019 / News

Since 2008, Edmonton has reduced its overall homeless numbers by 43% and since January 2018 has cut its chronic homeless numbers by an additional 15%. How did they get there? … More

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