Once you have recruited volunteers, they will need to be trained on the process of conducting the survey.

We recommend that volunteer training the week or weekend before your Registry Week. You may also choose to offer training the day of surveying (in addition to or instead of the week before) to capture as many volunteers as possible.

Please see an example of a training presentation given in Ottawa. Note that the basic content of the training should be as follows:

  1. An Introduction to Built for Zero (if a participating community)
  2. Local Context
  3. An Introduction to what a Registry Week is and what the week will look like
  4. If desired, an overview of:
    1. Collective Impact
    2. Housing First
  5. The Survey Tool
    1. Surveying Dos and Don’ts (see the Surveying Dos and Don’ts document)
    2. Review the consent form (below)
    3. Review the survey question by question with the volunteers
    4. Have volunteers practice the survey in groups of two
  6. Reviewing their survey packet (please see below for what is included in the survey packet)

Additionally, you will need to have every volunteer sign a confidentiality agreement. Please see the following forms: Sample Oath of Confidentiality, Media Release Form, Waiver and Release Form

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