The information and resources here are intended to support your efforts to develop and sustain a strong practice of diversion in your community.

diversion Resources

See below for links to information, program examples and tools as well as the BFZ-C Diversion webinar series. Remember, you can also always search on the Homeless Hub and the Homelessness Learning Hub for further information.

Keep checking back here as we will be regularly updating materials and adding further resources.

Diversion Overview Information, Guides and Self-Assessments
Community Solutions
National alliance to end Homelessness (NAEH)
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH)
Youth Shelter Diversion Programs and Toolkits
Youth Reconnect
  • Youth Reconnect Training (Homelessness Learning Hub) – Online training on the Youth Reconnect program model for youth homelessness prevention for young people aged 13-24 at risk of homelessness. Includes 6 lessons, a quiz and certificate of completion.
  • Youth Shelter Diversion and Youth Reconnect (Homeless Hub)
  • Youth Reconnect Program Guide (Making the Shift, 2020) – a 29 page guide that describes the program, considerations for implementation, and highlights programs in practice. Youth Reconnect (YR) is a community-based early intervention program that is designed to help young people (ages 13-24) who are at risk of or in the early stages of homelessness by helping them to stay connected to their family, community and school, and to strengthen natural supports.
  • Hamilton Youth Reconnect Program (Blog, June 2020)
Host Homes
Community Diversion Program Examples
Sample Diversion Forms and Tools
HIFIS 4 and Diversion

A new Diversion Module has been included with HIFIS v.60 released Oct 2023. 

ACRE produced this Shelter Diversion in HIFIS 4 Report (2021) to help inform the new Diversion module.

Currently available HIFIS 4 reports for HIFIS v. 59 (see these and other available reports at ACRE):

    • If you are using the Case Management module for diversion, one of these might be useful.
    • If you are using Turnaways for diversion, this one might be useful.
    • If you want to analyze clients returning to shelter multiple times, this one might be useful.
Diversion Webinars

The following Diversion Webinar Series took place over May to June 2022:

  • Webinar May 2022 – Introduction to the Diversion and Housing Loss Prevention GuideRecording (60 min) and PDF. Iain De Jong of OrgCode provides an overview of their recently released Diversion and Housing Loss Prevention Guide (2022) – a 40 page guide with information, practical steps and case studies. 
  • Community of Practice Call June 2022 – Diversion in Practice  – Recording (60 min) and PDF – Waterloo Region shares information about First Connect – a team offering 24/7 diversion and prevention support across the Region. The webinar also kicks off with an update on two Canadian diversion research studies.

Prevention and Diversion During COVID:

The following Diversion Webinar Series took place over April – June 2018:

Diversion Series Topic and Links Presenters
Part 1 Introduction to Diversion (40 min) Iain De Jong from OrgCode
Part 2

Diversion Programs – Edmonton & Waterloo
(90 min) (note: missing introduction)
(just the PowerPoint to access links)

Community and Program Leads from Edmonton and Waterloo
Part 3

Diversion and Data (60 min)
(just the PowerPoint to access links)

David Tweedie from OrgCode
Ali Ryder from ACRE


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