Partnering with Other Systems

The information and resources here are intended to support your efforts to develop stronger connections between the homeless-serving system and other community systems.

Keep checking back here as we will be regularly updating materials and adding further resources.

See sections below for information and resources to connect with Health, Domestic Violence, Corrections/Police, Education, and Employment systems and Indigenous Partners.  Remember, you can also always search on the Homeless Hub and the Homelessness Learning Hub for further information.

Domestic Violence
Emergency Shelter and Housing Considerations
Employment and Financial Empowerment




  • Sample of Canadian Employment and Social Enterprise projects aimed at preventing and ending homelessness:
    • HireUp, an online platform that connects job seekers who face barriers in finding employment, apply to jobs with employers who practice impact hiring. Read about the evaluation conducted through Hub Solutions here.
    • Train for Trades program at Choices for Youth in St. John’s, NL works directly with local trade unions to enable young people to learn on the job, gain credentials and work on a personal plan towards long-term sustainable and viable employment
    • Eva’s Phoenix Print Shop is a social enterprise that offers a job training program for homeless and at-risk youth.
    • Argus’ Uptown Thrift is a social enterprise offering job training and experience for youth
    • Friend’s Restaurant through Fred Victor offers low-cost meals while serving as a training component of their Career Directions in Hospitality Program 
Financial Empowerment
Indigenous Partners
information, coalitions & plans
CAEH18 INDIgenous stream presentations
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