The information and resources here are intended to support your efforts to to prevent homelessness.

This page includes information on homelessness prevention. Note that information on housing stabilization programs are included in the Housing with Support page.

Remember, you can also always search on the Homeless Hub and the Homelessness Learning Hub for additional information.

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Homeless Prevention Frameworks and Toolkits
  • Homeless Hub Prevention Page – includes an overview of prevention and links to further resources.
  • Homelessness Prevention: A Review of the Literature (Center for Evidence Based Solutions to Homelessness, 2019) – an 8-page synthesis of the literature.
  • A New Direction: A Framework for Homelessness Prevention (COH, 2017) – includes a report, infographic, video, and webinar
  • Homeless Prevention Toolkit (RentSmart, 2019) – on-line toolkit highlighting 10 tools rooted in prevention (peer support, landlord engagement, furniture banks, housing stability funds, good neighbour agreements, youth prevention, tenant/landlord education, orientation for housing stability, community building and resilience, eviction prevention due to rent arrears). The toolkit consists of podcasts, case studies, financial considerations and resources such as implementation templates. In addition, the toolkit includes a prevention assessment tool to help organizations and communities explore their role in prevention efforts.
  • Eviction Prevention Toolkit of Promising Practices (Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg, 2015). Tools organized under the following nine headings: Incorporating success-based housing into organizational mandates; A person-centered approach; Building networks and partnerships; Implementation; Supporting staff; Client supports, resources and education; Assessing program impacts; The importance of government support; Embracing challenges.
  • Prevention Targeting 101 (NAEH, 2011) – 7 pages with links
  • Homeless Prevention Guide (NAEH, 2009) – focused on creating programs that either retain current housing or re-house without homelessness. Based on the following five principles: 1) Crisis Resolution, 2) Client Choice Respect and Empowerment, 3) Minimum Assistance Necessary for Shortest Time Possible, 4) Maximize Community Resources, and 5) Right Resources to Right People at Right Time.
Preventing Youth Homelessness
OrgCode Blog and Prevention VI-SPDAT
Homeless Prevention by Province
Community Prevention Program Examples
Program Areas

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